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anyone up for collabin

2009-02-27 14:26:10 by ViralofAME

im down for collabs...mainly beat producers...but if theirs any artists who spit n wat not...gimme a holler we can work somethin out....GET AT ME!


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2009-02-27 16:04:20

I wouldn't mind doin summin wid you.
My music can be found at
My art can be found at

ViralofAME responds:

do you make flash movies also by any chance?


2009-03-04 12:19:43

We should do sumthin sometime. You seem cool. Not as cool as me...but hardly anybody ever is. Holla at me if you wanna collab and then come over and do my dishes!

ViralofAME responds:

lol ur a fagggggoottt!!! my dishes bitch! actually prolly gonna roll thru soon


2009-03-05 09:27:42

You reminds me of J-kellz or somethin'

ViralofAME responds:

lol i dont see how..


2009-04-10 16:31:35

Well I thought that only talented people could do collabs. But I could be wrong.

ViralofAME responds:

cool..go run into a wall er somethin


2009-04-24 15:56:50

You guys are too good to work with bum ass rapper wannabes who use 2$ mics and have denial issues and mumbling idiots who talk shit from their mother's homes. Just friendly advise cause i really think you guys rock.

ViralofAME responds:

lol i appreciate that we dont pay mind to haters and wack jobs...its sad to see really...but oh well...if their r any good artists on here im down to collab...otherwise its whatever...haha


2009-06-11 04:44:48 n/192571

Waiting for your vocal answer ;)
Keep up the good work bro.
Greetz out of Amsterdam.

Carf and Tesco