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new tracks

2009-08-26 16:23:48 by ViralofAME

2 new tracks!...peep em

anyone up for collabin

2009-02-27 14:26:10 by ViralofAME

im down for collabs...mainly beat producers...but if theirs any artists who spit n wat not...gimme a holler we can work somethin out....GET AT ME!


2009-02-26 18:48:18 by ViralofAME

THIS SITE IS GOING BANANAS! like 6 vote bars....i dont told me im tryin to cheat the system wen i voted on someones stuff! as hell!


2009-02-26 14:07:52 by ViralofAME

ive uploaded a few more new tracks today "Insane" and "Virals Farm" i also had added two other the day before which i believe were "Head Above Water" and "Da Underground Ft.Viral" u can catch me on the hook and the 2nd verse for "Da Underground"...peep em...and leave feed...ill def return the feed


2009-02-24 00:17:58 by ViralofAME

i posted two new tracks..not really new..but new to newgrounds..haha...peep em...leave some feed..ill def return the feed


2009-02-23 15:07:52 by ViralofAME

Waddup new to newgrounds..atleast as an artist ive been coming here for the games for years been checkin beats and tracks out leavin some feed....def got talent on props to all of u who ive commented..and for those i havent..ill get to u sooner or later..haha..i posted one of my tracks up..but its gotta be verified so im not sure how long that takes exactly...but feel free to peep my tracks as soon as i get them all forward to possibly workin with a few of you